Amy Adams is Snyder’s Lois Lane!

More exciting casting news for Zack Snyder’s Superman: Man of Steel flick! I have to say that I’m much more enthused about this than I was before. So who’s playing the tough-as-nails reporter?

Amy Adams has been cast in the iconic role of Lois Lane in the upcoming reboot. Snyder said that “Amy has the talent to capture all of the qualities we love about Lois: smart, tough, funny, warm, ambitious and, of course, beautiful.”

Adams joins Henry Cavill (Clark Kent/Superman), Diane Lane (Martha Kent) and Kevin Costner (Jonathan Kent) on the production. “Second only to Superman himself, the question of who will play Lois Lane is arguably what fans have been most curious about,” Snyder said in a statement Sunday.

Tell me about it! I’ve been the most curious about who would take on the role since I thought the casting of Kate Bosworth in the last go around was a poor choice. My favorite Lois Lane ever was Teri Hatcher’s Lois from Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, so for me, she’s the litmus test by which I’ll test Adams’ Lois against.

Superman: Man of Steel is currently set for a December 2012 release. Do you agree or disagree with the casting? Who’s your favorite Lois Lane?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter
GS Reporter: Sharlene

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  1. I’m cautiously optimistic about Amy Adams being Lois. Plus it amuses me that a former Smallville guest star will be Lois.

    • Sharlene M /

      Same! And I COMPLETELY forgot Amy was in the Smallville episode “Craving” in 2001! I don’t tend to think of her TV work – just her movie roles.

  2. montoc1701 /

    Oh no, oh noooo. Do not get me wrong, I do like Amy and thought she was amazing in The Fighter but she is no Lois. I have to say that the current template for me is Erica Durance on Smallville. I hated Kate Bosworth.

    To me Lois should be able to handle herself but Amy just does not portray this.

    I will be happy to eat my words though as I said the same thing about Bosworth but in that case I did not eat my words.


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