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Devil’s Due Founder & David Hatcher Childress team for Ancient Astronaut Theory Graphic Novel

Kingdom Comics Co-Founder Christian Beranek & Blaylock Announce NEW WORLD ORDER: ROBIN HOOD


Chicago, IL – Devil’s Due Publishing founder Josh Blaylock (G.I. JOE, VOLTRON, MERCY SPARX, DRAFTED) has two new projects lined up with some very exciting partners, and they are seeking creative teams!

Known for years as the “Modern Day Indiana Jones” and more recently for his appearances on theANCIENT ALIENS television series, David Hatcher Childress spends his life visiting ancient lost cities and prehistoric megalithic sites, and proposes the theory that perhaps human civilization was once more advanced than we give it credit for (alien intervention or not). He has written many novels on the subject, all published through his Adventures Unlimited Press – which will also publish the print version of the yet-to-be-named graphic novel which he is consulting on with Blaylock.

Christian Beranek is the co-founder of Disney’s Kingdom Comics, the Web Comic Factory, and a world traveler in his own right – although to places less “lost” than Childress. Beranek is co-writing Blaylock’s dystopian sci-fi concept in which a future Robin Hood figure must rise against the oppressive neo-feudalism of a New World Order’s takeover of civilization. Publishing plans are yet to be determined.

Each project will be edited and produced through Blaylock’s newly founded DDnP Project [Devil’s Due non-Profit], a not for profit venture separate from, but dedicated to Devil’s Due’s continual efforts to repay creditors owed from its economic problems that began in late 2008, The actual publishing outlets however, will vary.


AFTERGODS (working title):

Once the “Gods” guided humanity and led us to the path of civilization and great technology. Then, one day, they abruptly left. This story begins on the one year anniversary of their departure.

The history you learned in school is all wrong! Not only was humanity much more advanced in what is known as prehistoric “Atlantean” times, but the global landscape was much different prior to an eventual global catastrophe.

Our reluctant hero, a young construction worker for a firm specializing in megalithic structures, must prevent that catastrophe from happening centuries too soon and save his girlfriend in the process, as they are swept up in a world of espionage and assassins. With the help of rebel black-ops mercenaries from various governments, they must prevent a secret cabal from bringing down the world’s pyramid power grid and what little order it has left.

Referred to as “G.I. JOE and Mission Impossible meet Pirates of the Caribbean and Conan”, this fiction thrill ride is inspired by REAL archaeological evidence that will be featured in its own “Easter Egg” sections.


For centuries a secret group of elites pushed an agenda of globalization and centralized power, finally resulting in a complete collapse of freedom in the mid 21st century for the common person. Now with the world’s population reduced to 314,000,000 peasants, kept docile by chemtrails and a drugged food supply, living in militarized city-states, the elite heir to a massive fortune may be their only salvation. Upon learning the truth about his family’s horrid past, Anderson Vanderchild III must rise to resist what they spent years building.

Returning to the “nature state territories” to flee for his life when that fortune is taken away, he must ally with a building resistance force, and a new Robin Hood must rise to bring down the neo-feudalism plaguing the world.

This fiction “Mad Max meets Robin Hood” epic is inspired by present-day conspiracies and will be spotlighted in special Easter Egg sections.


It is asked that artists be sure to pick the subjects they are most passionate about before submitting, as the overall process will be a long endeavor if chosen! Talent should be willing to work on royalty pay and merchandising shares, although pay rates are yet to be determined and depend on final publishing plans. Such terms will be negotiated on a case by case basis.

Sequential art samples should be sent to [email protected] with the subject header “TALENT SEARCH,” and if an artist is more interested in one subject than another please specify.

Please submit three pages of sequential artwork in easy-to-view jpeg formats.

No snail mail submissions accepted. Artists must be able to scan and submit art digitally as part of the working process.

The deadline for consideration is February 12th, 2012.   Many will enter; few will get the call.


SOURCE: Devils Due Publishing

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