And the next Marvel franchise being could be?

A superhero team from the 31st Century who protect Earth from all intergalactic threats. That’s right it’s the ….

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. Hmmm was not expecting that one I have to say. It is an odd choice and Marvel would need to handle it well based on the mess that Green Lantern was, in trying to incorporate the space opera side of things.

I hope their gamble pays off but personally I would have preferred the Starjammers. Now there is a movie.

Kevin Feige (Marvel) first raised the possibility of a Guardians Of The Galaxy feature in an interview with MTV in June of 2010 but it appears they have now decided to move ahead with the project as sources tell Twitch the film version is now in active development. Expect the on-screen Marvel universe to get a bit bigger soon.


GS Reporter: Montoya


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