Andy Diggle & Jock Signing Snapshot #1

SnapshotAre you a fan of The Losers and Green Arrow: Year One? Loved the art on Scott Snyder’s acclaimed Detective Comics Black Mirror Run? Enjoyed watching Daredevil fall further than ever before in Shadowland? Well if you are in London, Forbidden Planet have a treat for you.

On Saturday 9th February in the London Forbidden Planet between 4PM and 5Pm, Diggle and Jock will be signing their new creator owned book, Snapshot.

Jake Dobson is your typical nerd; works at the Near-Mint Rhino comic-book store in San Francisco. But when he finds a lost cell phone, he’s horrified to discover it’s full of snapshots of a murder victim. Suddenly he finds himself hunted by a vengeful hitman who wants his phone back – and Jake in a body bag! And then things start to get *really* complicated…

If you are a fan of their work and in London, this is a great opportunity to meet this creative duo and get their new book signed.

Source: Forbidden Planet
Reporter: Luke Halsall

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