Angry Birds Rio: New Game Announced (With Trailer)

A new Angry Birds game has been announced to be released in sometime in March. Angry Birds Rio will be used to promote the upcoming movie which is due for UK release on 8th April 2011 (in 3D).

This is the full press release from 20th Century Fox and RIOVO MOBILE:






In ANGRY BIRDS RIO the Original Angry Birds from the Cultural Sensation and World’s Biggest Smart Phone and Tablet Game, Travel to RIO to Save their Bird Friends Blu and Jewel

HELSINKI & LOS ANGELES –  January 31, 2011  – ANGRY BIRDS, Rovio’s blockbuster smart phone and tablet game that has become a global cultural sensation, and RIO, one of the year’s most anticipated motion picture events, are joining forces to create a new game, ANGRY BIRDS RIO – representing a first-of-its-kind game development partnership between Rovio and Twentieth Century Fox.  The announcement was made by Mikael Hed, CEO at Rovio Mobile, which created ANGRY BIRDS, and Peter Levinsohn, president of new media and digital distribution for Twentieth Century Fox, which releases RIO in UK theaters 8th April 2011 in 3D.

This unique spin-off of ANGRY BIRDS will take flight around the world in March, coinciding with RIO’s gala world premiere event.  To celebrate the partnership and give fans a sneak preview of the story surrounding ANGRY BIRDS RIO, in true Rovio style a video can be viewed at:

“ANGRY BIRDS RIO is a match made in heaven for a mobile application and a major motion picture, and this collaboration with Fox is definitely one the most exciting partnerships we have entered into with the ANGRY BIRDS brand to date,” said Mr. Hed.  “In addition to expanding the horizons of two fantastic entertainment brands and creating a great new gaming experience, we have also taken the concept of combining a mobile application and motion picture promotion to an entirely new level.”

“In partnering with Rovio, we are combining the world’s hottest application developer with one of the motion picture industry’s premier creative forces to introduce the millions of fans of ANGRY BIRDS to the exciting world of RIO,” said Mr. Levinsohn.  “Our relationship with Rovio is another great example of Fox Digital Entertainment’s continuing work to extend our content to a variety of digital platforms.”

In ANGRY BIRDS RIO, the original Angry Birds are kidnapped and taken to the magical city of Rio, where they eventually escape their captors and set out to save their friends, Blu and Jewel – two rare macaws and the stars of the upcoming Fox motion picture, RIO.  Like the incredibly-popular original edition, ANGRY BIRDS RIO will feature hours of gameplay, physics-based demolition challenges and loads of replay value – all with unique twists based on the highly-anticipated film.

ANGRY BIRDS RIO will launch with 45 dedicated levels and will regularly add new levels via app updates. The game will be available for download on smart phones and tablets worldwide.


So what can we expect from Angry Birds Rio then? Well more bird flinging fun I expect. I am one of the countless number of people who became ridiculously addicted to this game, and am personally looking forward to a new set of levels, and a new storyline to the game.

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