Angry Birds The TV Show?


I only recently picked up the Angry Birds app on my iTouch and like 50 million people who have downloaded I soon became consumed by my mission to destroy as many of those smug little pigs (especailly the helmet wearling little gits) as possible. I suppose given it’s popularity it was only a matter of time before someone found a way to try and expand the property, in this case the someone being Rovio, the Finnish company who designed the app.

Last week the CEO of Rovio annouced that a series of the popular game was in the works but wouldn’t give any hints as to whether the show would air online or  TV. My guess would be online as that’s where the app has it’s biggest audience but I suppose time will tell.

Personally I’m not really interested in a TV series, I’m quite happy with smashing the hell of my piggy arch enemies  on my iTouch thanks. Given the premise of the game it doesn’t seem like there’s much to go with in terms of story ideas, then again it didn’t stop them from doing Pacman the TV series.

Let us know your thoughts.

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Source: Heat Vison

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