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Clone Wars Adventure - LEGOized!

Clone Wars Adventure - LEGOized!

So, I was browsing around Lego dot com (check the source link below) … as is my wont, being a bit of a SW Lego fan. They have a new section which is basically animated comics. Written in the kind of humour you would expect from LEGO, the comics are fun and each panel is an animated sequence with captions overlay. Quite a neat idea methinks.

I actually hope more of this type of webcomic makes an appearance.

So far, two comics are up – “Kowakkian Monkey-Lizzard” and the Nuge-trembling “Giant Spiders Are Awesome”. Take a break from your work routine and check them out.

Clone From Batch 82-4? You Decide.

The Nuge: Clone From Batch 82-4? You Decide.


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