Another Look at Spider-Man’s Costume (Mask Included)

OK if you ignore the bright colours, which I hope get darkened in post production, this costume looks pretty good. If the lighting isn’t changed in post this film could end up looking like the live action Spider-Man series.

I have a slight problem with the mask, I’m assuming the “Eyes” will be changed in post production as well. I think they are too small, it’s a nitpicks but if the masked isn’t “different” in the final film I will be a bit disappointed.

Also here is a closer look at the gloves with the webshooters

So far things are looking good for this movie, there are some things that will have to change to make me completely happy.

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Source: MTV Movies

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  1. Mo /

    i wanna know why they are putting in the web shooter bullshit, i’m sorry the excuse the bite gives him knowledge how to make webbing is complete horseshit. it makes a hell of alot more sense to have organic webshooters when considering he already had a bunch of other physical changes, but if they use the cartridge method this will be retarded. they only look like holes in his costume tho, there doest seem to be a shape of anything under the costume on his wrist so maybe its just a whole above a organic shooter, and maybe also its a reaaly sharp blade to cut the webbing from his wrist lol but no web cartridges please, that would just be dumb.

    • The Webshooter have been in the comics since the start! and it was never explained the way you put it! the spider bite didn’t give him the knowledge! Peter Parker is one of the 10 most intelligent people in the marvel universe (with or with out his powers) he invented the webfluid and shooters to compliment his new powers.

      to be honest with you, Organic webshooter are silly! if he was given web making powers from the bite the web should come out of hiss ass! like a spider!


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