What We Learned From the Ant-Man Press Conference

So we packed GS blogger James Sims off to the Ant-Man Press Conference and here’s what he found out.

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What We Learned From the Ant-Man Press Conference


  • Peyton Reed confirmed no Ants were Harmed in the filming.
  • Paul Rudd has a new found love for Ants and finds himself watching them and trying to control them.
  • What changes from Edgar Wright version? Peyton said there never would have been a Ant Man movie had it not been for Edgar. The heist style was Edgar’s original idea. Peyton joined just when Paul Rudd was starting with the first rewrite, changes to original story was mainly adding in more history they wanted to include from marvel universe
  • Inspiration creating characters- Michael Pena (MP) showed a video of a larger than life person he ┬ámet in Chicago that even when explaining something he was mad about constantly smiled and based his character around him – Peyton at times thought he was overdoing it but MP assured him he wasn’t…
  • Paul Rudd used the wealth of comics for inspiration and had to ensure his character was true to the comics for the fans.
  • Michael Douglas used the scripts but was also sent a huge leather bound folder with over two years of Ant-man comics.
  • Paul Rudd was a casual comic book reader as a kid and liked Hulk. However he mainly read the Beano, Dandy and Archie due to having family sending them over from the UK.
  • Michael Pena said his only instructions from his son in taking this role was to ‘Not mess it up’.
  • Rudd trained solidly for about a year for this role with a trainer and a very tough diet.
  • Douglas got a kick out of seeing himself 30 years younger in what has been his first ‘effects’ based film.
  • Peyton would like to be ‘fortunate’ to make an Antman 2 as they have plenty of possible story arcs they’d like to follow and humour would still likely be integral but certainly an opportunity to go more gritty/darker.
  • Rudd confirmed he has had embryonic thoughts about where the character could go but has NOT spoken to anyone about this.
  • Rudd finished the conference on Captain America Civil war saying he enjoyed seeing Iron Man in person and about the story he said – ‘there’s lots of war in the film but it’s a very ‘civil’ war’…

GS Blogger: James Sims


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