Ant-Man Script Finally Completed But No Casting Yet

The Marvel film Ant-Man has been slowly boiling away for a good few years with Edgar Wright attached to direct. Now we get some good news to help keep the fans happy.

With Wright’s The Worlds End now in cinema’s and getting great reviews he can fully commit to making one of the key aspects of Marvels’ Phase 3 films. Ant-Man was at one stage looking to slot into Phase 2 but Wright had asked to delay it so he could finish his latest film. Marvel knew they wanted Wright for the film so they agreed.

The script is complete but has changed because it was originally done prior to the joint universe and more stand alone but now it will form a very important link to other movies as Hank Pym is one of most important characters in the Marvel Universe for both good and very bad reasons.

This film hopefully will also introduce the Wasp character who goes onto to marry Pym and they both become Avengers.

Casting will most likely start now with some confirmations in the next few weeks. I know people thought there would be some big announcements at SDCC but that is looking unlikely.

Below is an image from the test footage shown as the previous SDCC.


Source: Comicbookmovie
Reporter: Montoya

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