Anthony Head, Colin Baker and Freddie Fox Join ‘Robin of Sherwood – The Knights of the Apocalypse’ Audio Drama

So a while ago we told you about a return to the classic Robin of Sherwood TV series by way of a one off crowdfunded audio drama called Robin of Sherwood – The Knights of the Apocalypse, adapted from an original script by the late creator of the show, Richard Carpenter.

Richard ‘Kip’ Carpenter’s daughter, Harriet, said: “Dad would have been overwhelmed by the response from the fans who have stuck by Robin of Sherwood for all these years. To be remembered like this is something quite remarkable and it’s going to be a great success.”

Now the one thing that was not confirmed at the time was whether the Irish band Clannad, who provided the iconic theme ‘The Hooded Man’ (which I am writing this post to at the moment), would return. Well thanks to the grace of Hearne the Hunter the creative team have confirmed that they will be able to use the theme tune for the upcoming audio drama.

“I’ve checked the hood, and it still fits. It’s finally time to bring Robin of Sherwood back, and I’m thrilled that our fans have raised so much money for me to get into the recording studio and reunite with the old gang.” – Jason Connery (Robert of Huntingdon)

On the casting front the team have been recruiting some familiar names from the genre scene to add to the production. Anthony ‘Buffy’ Head and Colin ‘Doctor Who’ Baker will join the original cast members (Ray Winstone, Jason Connery, Clive Mantle, Mark Ryan, Judi Trott, Peter Llewellyn Williams, Philip Jackson, Phil Rose, Michael Craig and Nickolas Grace). Freddie Fox has also been cast in the role of Sir Guy of Gisburne formerly played by Robert Addie who sadly passed away in 2003.

“It’s been a difficult road to get to the recording studio but I’m delighted that I’ve managed to gather a really strong cast to make sure this is a rollicking, epic tale; set just after the end of the original series.” – Producer Barnaby Eaton-Jones

As a long time fan of the TV Show and a lover of audio dramas I’m proper excited for this! As much as the story and the performances it was the soundtrack that really got me watching this show as a kid. Having the Clannad theme music back in there (would have been cool if they did the whole soundtrack for this) will really set the tone for this audio drama…can’t wait to listen.

It is also important to note that all profits for the audio drama are going to Carpenter’s favorite charities. Folks can still buy perks for the crowdfunding campaign here.



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