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Highlander is one of the most perfect films ever crafted! The music is epic, the action is perfect and the accents were spot on! (Ok maybe not perfect). Nearly everyone I know who has seen Highlander holds it in high regard. Yes the following movies were not great but the original is still awesome. When I heard they were remaking it I was in too minds! Most reboots suck, but every now and then a Star Trek comes along to teach us geek not to hate before we see the end result! Well today the Writer has apparently been hired; this news has not given me much hope. I will not nerd rage though as I am trying to cut back.

The writer that is being reported as the new Highlander scribe is Melissa Rosenberg whose writing credits include ALL f the Twilight movies and a chunk of the short lived “Birds of Prey” TV series. All is not lost however as she also writes for Dexter and from what I’ve heard that series is pretty good. However the Twilight thing is nagging at me! I have watched the first 2 and the writing is downright awful. Now I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt, she was adapting a book so she didn’t have lots of room to be creative.

So at this moment in time I can only describe my feelings about this remake as “Meh”. Until I have a director and a cast to look at I won’t be getting to over excited or annoyed!

PS if you think Highlander is a bad movie then you are Wrong (i’m looking at you Bones)

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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  1. Highlander blows…that is all

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