Apple Bytes #5: News Round Up on August 18th

This week: Latest news from Cupertino & their partners – including a novel & inexpensive way to expand that iPad memory!

So Apple had a wake up call this month. After years of insisting that, unlike Microsoft, they were pretty much immune to hacks & viruses, an US journalist suffered a hack attack via Apple iCloud. In all honesty, it wasn’t a technology attack – more of a confidence trick, as the hackers duped Apple support staff into gaining access. The end result wasn’t pretty though: they wiped his iPad, iPhone and Macbook and got into his Gmail and Twitter accounts. Check out the full story at, and heed the warning!

And as any co-operation between the once close Apple & Google (creators of the competing Android OS) continues to peter out, it was confirmed that the Google Maps and YouTube (also owned by Google) apps will vanishes from Apple’s next version of iOS. As previously reported, Apple are launching their own 3D Map app (having recreated maps from scratch – well, they could afford it!), and it is rumoured that they believe Google’s future trend of adding adverts at the beginning of popular uploaded clips on YouTube gives the worst possible user experience. Observers believe the final extraction of Google from Apple will be to remove them as the default search engine in Safari.

Fed up with the fact that your iPad has a fixed finite memory size? Kingston Technology have released the Wi-Drive, a Wi-Fi enabled expansion hard drive. Basically you connect the hard-drive using Wi-Fi and download an app from the App store to operate it. It’s not perfect – transfer time can be slow, and as it’s battery run, you have to be mindful of the power. The 32GB and 64GB drives are available from Amazon at £65 and £83 respectively as of this posting, which makes it a third of the cost of the Maxell Air Stash (£95 for 16GB), so it’s great for storing MP3s or PDFs. Iit also looks better than the Air Stash (like an iPhone or iPhone 3) and you can share the drive with a couple of other people simultaneously. For technical data see


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