Apple Bytes #8 – New iPhone 5 Revealed

Hmm… Golden Apple – or Rotten Apple?


Well, it was bad enough that the late great Steve Jobs was not going to be there to do the launch, and clearly all the on-line leaks will have detracted from the mystique of the grand unveiling – but it looks like the big iPhone 5 reveal wasn’t quite the show-stopper or head-turner that everyone bar the biggest Apple fans where expecting. You know, the ones who treat such affairs with the reverence of a rock concert.

Look – let’s put things into perspective: Phil Schiller was already up for a tough gig – following in Steve Jobs’ shoes was always going to be as daunting a task as the next poor sod who has to reboot the Batman franchise. Even the Apple faithful were going to be critical of the “way” the new handset was presented. But rest assured, those same faithful will ensure that this new handset is a multi-BILLION dollar winning phone. Whatever the critics might say, Apple can sleep easy tonight

So to the phone itself – let’s cut to the chase:

Good stuff (generally as predicted/leaked): size – thinner (18%) & lighter (20%); new iOS 6.0 with a lot of bells & whistles; twice as fast new A6 processor which should really showcase iOS6.

Don’t cares: NFC (Near-Field Communication) is not on-board, but no-one’s using it anyway; 4G network support, but the market is still in its infancy – you need big business to adopt 4G , or consumers to demand that they really want to watch a football match on a mobile phone (and pay for it!)

Bad stuff: 16/9 screen, but at 4″ it’s still smaller than all the competition; no camera change – 8M pixels and still lower than the competition; memory – still trapped in the 16MB, 32MB and 64MB size matrix; new smaller “Lightning” connection socket: now, depending on how much you’ve sunk into BMW and Bose- based MFi (Made For iPod) products, this could be a real turn-off.  It’s either going to be fiddley, expensive or both to get around this change.

That’s pretty much it in summary.  Apple’s stock went up around $9 during the day (>$670), so clearly the investors believe the phone will sell. As I say, the phone will sell – and sell by the millions; iOS6 will ‘WoW’ everyone, and the competition will continue to benchmark themselves against it (“It’s like an iPhone, only bigger/cheaper/etc”).

I just can’t help feeling that Jobs would have pushed his staff harder for something more breath-taking.

Reporter: SilverFox

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