Apple Bytes #9 – Marvel-ous New Apps, iPad-Mini Photo & 1st iPhone 5 Reactions

This week: some great new apps for Marvel fans, leaked video of the iPad-Mini, and jury may still be out on the iPhone 5, but the tills are busting with cash…
You’ve probably heard all the rumours about the imminent release of a mini-iPad, and possibly even seen the photos. Well now there’s a video, courtesy of Japanese Gadget Site Mac Otakara. Well, even though Cupertino have made no formal statement whatsoever about the merest existence of an iPad-Mini, and that there is every reason to suspect that this could all be a very elaborate & sophisticated hoax, the web is at fever-pitch that we will see an announcement this month.
The video does give us an out-of-the-box experience to what we could physically expect from the cut-down version of the world’s best selling-tablet: a 7.85-inch screen, camera, headphone socket, and the all important new interface socket as featured on the iPhone 5, that geeks & nerds across the globe are tearing their hair out, gnashing their teeth and generally wailing over their keyboards about. One this is for certain, this is more than just wishful thinking. In the eyes of the fans, Apple badly need this to happen, to absolutely wipe out all the competition and secure themselves as king of the tablets. A +7-inch tablet priced at the right point would kill the Samsung Galaxy Tab and the Google Nexus 7 off, and force Amazon to really invest in content & hardware to keep the Kindle Fire from being devastated. What Apple have to weigh up though, is would they re-coup in iPad-Mini sales, what they would inevitably lose in iPad sales. My guess is ‘yes’…
For all your Marvel fans out there, here’s news of some newly released or updated Apps:
  • Thor: Son of Asgard – play the big blonde with the mallet and defend the Odin’s kingdom in this riveting 318MB game, which has got great graphics & sound.
  • Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty – not quite as good as Thor, this is 166MB of RPG which sees you as Cap Am kicking Nazi butt!
  • Avengers Initiative – on sale for a limited time at £1.99 (from £4.99) to celebrate the release of the Avengers DVD, this whopping 1.05GB game is quite simply the best Marvel app on iTunes. Limited to just the Hulk at the moment, the game is designed to be expanded to include the other team members later on.
  • Ultimate Marvel: Trivia Edition, is £0.69 well spent, with some pretty good questions to base a drinking game around.

I’ll leave you with a freebie though: Marvel’s The Avengers: A Second Screen Experience, which is a 435MB SHIELD database full of interactive & multimedia content (mine seems to keep defaulting to Black Widow… ho hum!)

And finally, just a thought: I, like many, was just a smidgen-bit disappointed that the iPhone 5 didn’t quite live up to the hype (that we all generated – not Apple!), or indeed have all the hardware features of many of its competitors. But I never said it would be a disaster – quite the contrary. I say this because, if I was to believe everything I read on the internet (except the hard numbers) , then I’d have to put CEO, Tim Cook on suicide watch. If you read some of the web press & geek bloggers, no doubt written on their Android powered tablets, you’d believe that the iPhone 5 was a disaster. People – wake up and smell the coffee – it sold 5,000,000 units on its opening weekend.

Those bloggers will say Apple missed their target of 10 million units by a country mile. Newsflash: Apple never made a prediction – remember this is the company that says nothing – they just drop cultural pop icons on us and sit back. The reality is that HTC, Samsung, Nokia etc would kill to launch a product to such a sales response.

As with all things in life: football, music, films, there’s a minority who want the leaders to fall, who want to be maverick in the face of fad. Yes, the maps don’t work properly, but do you remember your first sat-nav system? Yes, the new connector is a change, but guess what – it’s less likely to be damaged and will probably aid in charging your iPhone faster & more efficiently. Yes, YouTube has gone – but you can still get it in your Safari web-browser. There are tweaks needed on the new iPhone for sure, but rest assured, with $100Bn in the bank, if anyone can afford to put it all right, it’s Apple.

With a @100 phones to choose from, arguably only Samsung has managed a significant level of success in the Android world, and that was by mimicking an iPhone (much to their cost). Windows 8 phones are on the horizon, which will mean 100% compatibility to the all important PC / Windows – we wait to see what that will bring; RIM is down but not out yet (although the $250M loss they posted today probably didn’t help) – I am a Blackberry user and look forward to what OS10 might give us.

Every empire falls, and one day Apple will get left behind by a new innovator… but today is not that day.

Reporter: SilverFox

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