Apple Bytes: Fingerprint Sensing, Retina iPad-Mini, £4K Debt in In-App Purchases!

Apple’s Acquired Fingerprint Sensor Patent from AuthenTec Comes to Light, Retina-Scan iPad-Mini Back on Track for Q4, and They Refund Some Poor Dad The £4,000 iPad Bill Racked Up by His 8-Year-Old.

Last week, the US Patent & Trademark Office published an application by Apple that reveals the technology behind their future fingerprint scanner for the iPhone and other iDevices. It is based on the recently acquired AuthenTec fingerprint scanners technology. Apple’s first vision had been to potentially combine a fingerprint scanner with face or eye (retina) recognition to double security needs. Then earlier this year Apple revealed that a fingerprint scanner that could be concealed beneath a touchscreen and only activate when needed. Equally well, the fingerprint scanner could also be hidden within the bezel. Apple appears to be covering every conceivable angle for a future fingerprint scanner, as at the end of the day, the race is on to develop a foolproof bio-authentication methods that will provide users, especially in the business community, with corporate approved e-security whilst keeping the user login process relatively simple.

A brief lesson in stupidity: one day, a father & UK  aerospace designer, couldn’t access his bank account. It was simply frozen. upon investigating the matter further he discovered that his daughter Lily had spent £4,000 through in-app purchases on his iPad. Apple had sent him the usual e-mails to alert him to these purchases, but he didn’t notice them(?). Lily admitted that she’d seen her dad enter a password, had remembered it, and had used it. At first, Apple refused to refund his money – parental supervision is not their responsibility. The major app culprits were Campus Life, My Horse, and Injustice (he let an 8 year-old girl play Injustice?). Apple has now decided to take pity upon his plight and refund him the full amount.  Lily is neither the first nor the last child to run up bills on their parents account. Earlier this year, 5-year-old Danny Kitchen racked up $2,500 in a mere 10 minutes on dad’s iPad. Apple also refunded that amount. Lily’s dad says that these in-app games are iniquitous: They are far too tempting for a little girl who doesn’t understand money. I can’t help but think that the parents shouldn’t shoulder a little of the blame. I’ve got three kids and about 6 iDevices at home – my kids know the value of money and regularly come to me with a handful of change before they use my password to make an iTunes purchase… it’s all in the parenting… It’d a different story all ’round if Apple only offered a partial refund!

It’s been an on/off love story for anyone (like me) who’s been holding out for a Retina-equipped iPad mini; most reports have claimed that the device won’t launch until 2014 (due to poor yields on the glass). But now Digitimes says that the Retina version of the iPad mini is still on track for release in Q4 this year. The reason: “LG is reportedly making new headway in producing Retina panel technology for use in the next-generation iPad mini, and expects to ship about 2-3 million units a month in preparation for Apple’s expected October release date.” Fingers crossed!

Source: Patently Apple, The Mirror, Digitimes
Reporter: SilverFox

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