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This week’s Free App, Apple iPhone in Brazil and new product rumours abound.

Looking for a good dose of tablet-based sword & sorcery? Then check out this week’s free App of the Week, The Infinity Blade, from EPIC games. Normally on sale of about a fiver, it’s free this week, and offers excellent graphics and game-playing. Check out some game shots:


If rumours follow through, Apple will introduce the new iPad mini later this year upgraded with a Retina display resolution of 2,048 by 1536 (like the current flagship iPad 4). And they need to do something, as Apple’s share in the tablet market began to decrease in the third quarter of 2012 and by the fourth quarter, the market share slipped to around 44% from 70% in the beginning of the year. They also need to be ready as Samsung and Acer both plan to introduce 8-inch tablets in the second quarter to compete with the iPad mini.

Only seems like the other day we had an Apple iOS update, but if you’re worried about someone breaking into your iPhone, you may only have to wait a few more days. Rumours are that Apple will probably release a major security patch for iOS 6.1 sometime next week, to patch up the major security hole recently uncovered that makes it incredibly easy to bypass the iPhone’s unlock screen pass code.

Everyone has heard of the BRIC nations right? The 4 big emerging economies that will define the next generation of financial empires: Brazil, Russia, India & China. Well, Apple’s global expansion has hit a marketing nightmare snag: the company can no longer use the iPhone name in Brazil without the risk of being sued. Brazil’s trademark regulator, which was expected to announce that another firm owned the iPhone name, has now made its ruling, and a Brazil-based consumer electronics manufacturer — has been granted ownership of the trademark. Oops!


I) iTV television – this may be the year that we do see the mythical iTV available for public Purchase. There are reports that Apple is holding an event for developers in March that is Apple-TV related (possibly an iTV SDK introduction). This would then be followed with a September/October iTV launch, giving developers plenty of time to have apps ready when it’s released. Expectations are that the “iTV” would be priced at around $1,500 and sized between 42 inches and 55 inches, and integrate a set-top box, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, AirPlay etc, and one has to suspect, a massive touch screen, which could even mean the TV may double up as a table-top iPad (sign me up for that idea!)
II) iPhablet – there are times when leading-edge designs are difficult to mass produce, and it seems that there is some difficulty in producing the larger screens for Apple’s proposed 5 inch iPhone (6?), pushing its launch date back to June 2014. Apple need this to compete with Samsung’s surprisingly popular Galaxy Note series that sold over 15 million total units in 2012.
III) iPhone 5S – there’s no getting around it, the 5 is not selling, and this has been reflected in the much reported cutting of component orders by the world’s biggest consumer of electronic components. However, keen to put a positive spin on things, the rumour is that they’re slowing down iPhone 5 production to prepare for production of the next-generation iPhone 5S starting in March, and that components-wise, there are few changes for the iPhone 5S vs. the iPhone 5.

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