Apple Bytes: iPhone 5S & Bigger Tablets

You might have to wait for Christmas to actually get an iPhone 5S, and bigger tablets are definitely on the horizon…

Tablets: Samsung is reportedly following Apple into developing tablets with a 12-inch or larger displays, all of which appears to be a reaction to  competition from small-size devices, most significantly the Amazon Kindle family, and to a lesser degree, Google’s Nexus (i still don’t know anyone who actually owns one of these and is happy with it!).

However, the win could be short-lived, as it could impact demand for their conventional notebooks? Global tablet shipments dropped 9.7% sequentially to only 45.1 million units in Q2 of 2013. Apple’s iPad shipments dropped significantly from 19.5 million units in Q1 to only 14.6 million units in Q2, and as market acceptance of supersize phones (or phablets) has been stronger than anyone could have predicted, smartphone and tablet demand can only eventually collide.

Hence the need to carve out a new market and dominate – Samsung will probably be is more aggressive this, since Apple won’t want to damage the pretty penny they still command for their 11.6-inch & 13.3-inch MacBook Airs. Watch this space, and don’t get rid of those 15″ laptop bags just yet!

iPhone: So we’ve all heard that Apple’s next iPhone, commonly referred to as iPhone 5S, is scheduled to be unveiled on September 10; however Apple have hit a snag – production! Apparently they might only manage 3-4 million units in its debut quarter, compared to the 10 million units originally planned, all down to a delay with its newest feature – the fingerprint sensor, recently attained through Apple’s acquisition of Digital Persona (the company previously known as Authentec).

Production of the sensors has been delayed due to integration issues between iOS 7 and fingerprint chips, as well as a low yield rates. So an engineering team was recently dispatched to help ramp up the yield rate, meaning production of the iPhone 5S will likely ramp up to 28-30 million units by the Q4 2013. In short, the bulk of you are going to have to wait until Christmas to get one, and bar any huge technical let-downs, Apple should be reporting great sales in Q1 2014.

Footnote: Apple may also roll out a cheaper iPhone, according to various reports, possibly named the iPhone 5C, with the C referring to different colors of plastic cases… hm… would I drive a lower cost BMW with a cheaper interior and paint-job?

Source: DigiTimes, DigiTimes, ComputerWorld
Reporter: SilverFox

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