Apple Bytes: New OS 7 Icons & Apps That Lead iOS Over Android

Reactions to Apple’s New iOS 7 icons & Must-Have Apps That Lead iOS Over Android

Users React to Apple’s New iOS 7 Icons

Apple’s beta release iOS 7 software has been met with mixed reactions as developers adjust to the “flat” new look of Apple’s mobile software. While opinions are divided, it seems most people agree that the new iOS 7 icons are pretty awful. However, it appears not everyone dislikes the new icons. In fact, a pretty surprising number of users prefer the new iOS 7 icons to the older versions they replace. A recent poll created (see link below) using Input Factory’s “Polar” app asked iOS users which icons they prefer, Apple’s iOS 7 icons or the older versions from iOS 6: each icon pair was lined up so that users could vote on them individually, and the results are pretty surprising. Of course, there are several new iOS 7 icons that are undeniably awful to almost everyone who looks at them – e.g. respondents preferred Apple’s old Reminders icon to the new one, and the same with the new Safari icon. Personally, I’m quite disappointed that buggering around with the icons was the best they could come up with – I was rather hoping for something similar to the dynamic tiles that Microsoft using in Windows 8.

Must-have iOS Apps That Still Haven’t Reached Android

Be honest: although in terms of raw numbers, Android is the most popular mobile operating system in the world, all the best apps do appear on iTunes first. For example, popular video-sharing app Vine launched on iOS in January, but it’s only just made its way to Google’s mobile OS. And it’s not alone – there are plenty of other iOS-only apps waiting to join the Android… and here are a few:

Camera Awesome is a feature-rich camera app with tools for quickly and easily enhancing your photos. The app lets you “awesomize” pictures by adjusting the colours & brightness to make them more vibrant. Camera Awesome also handles photo cropping and rotation, with over 260 filters, frames, and textures. To date, apart from the firmware camera augmentations inside HTC & Samsung phones, most of the Android camera software is just awful! Camera Awesome’s creators, SmugMug said “We’re absolutely working on a Camera Awesome for Android. We focused on iOS first because it was a simpler target—an easier software platform to develop for with fewer hardware variations, which is particularly important for a rich camera application like ours. We’re focused on shipping it only when it lives up to our own high expectations, so we don’t have a date to announce yet, but we’re all very excited to get it into everyone’s hands as soon as we can.”

Nike+ FuelBand app together with the FuelBand accessory, lets you track how active you are compared to other Nike+ users. You can track your activity by day, week, month, or year, and the app syncs your fitness info back to your online Nike+ profile. The Nike+ FuelBand app uses achievements and leaderboards to make staying in shape more relative & competitive – or fun, depending on your perspective. Android users can get a FuelBand and connect it to a Mac or PC via USB to upload their data to Nike’s website, but plugging things in is hardly “optimal”.  Nike have suggested that an Android app won’t be arriving anytime soon.

AnyList is a simple app that lets you create and share lists with other people. The lists sync automatically to reflect changes made to them, and the app has a recipe mode that can suggest meals to prepare based on ingredients you already have. AnyList stated that the company plans to release an Android version of the app in the future, but is staying focused on iOS right now so as not to stretch itself too thin.

Mailbox helps you regain control of your email. The app focuses less on how many unread messages you have than on keeping your inbox clear of email altogether. With simple gestures you can quickly archive or delete email, and the app lets you organize messages into lists. Mailbox also has an interesting feature for “postponing” an email message and having it reappear at a later date. Mailbox teaches you the practice of maintaining an empty inbox. Mailbox have stated that an Android version of the app is in development, but couldn’t confirm a release date.

Amazon’s Instant Video service lets you stream hundreds of movies and TV shows to your smartphone or tablet. The service has a nice mix of content, often carrying videos that aren’t available on Netflix or Hulu. Amazon Instant Video is free to Amazon Prime members, and even if you aren’t a member you can try the service free for 30 days. An Amazon Instant Video app is available for Google TV, but not for Android phones or tablets. Since Amazon Instant Video is a major selling point for Amazon’s line of Kindle Fire tablets, and Android app is unlikely.

Tweetbot is a very brilliant Twitter app. It lets you manage multiple Twitter accounts and keep up with the people you follow. With Tweetbot you can view Twitter conversations as they unfold—and temporarily mute people who show up too often. Not only does it look better than the official Twitter app, it prevents sponsored Tweets from showing up in your feed. Tweetbot is a must-have for any and all Twitter enthusiasts, but Tweetbot’s developers stated that an Android version of Tweetbot will never appear.

Source: Polar, TechHive
Reporter: SilverFox

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  1. As far as am concern the icon is ok and I also think Apple is determine to really tell the world who the boss is and I love the fact that iOS7 comes with a male and female voice siri.

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