Apple Bytes: Sorcery!, Man of Steel, Iron Man & App Store Stats!

This week’s we bring you Subliminal Advertising Central: Iron Man @ Tesco, Superman @ Kelloggs, Sorcery! and iTunes App Store nears 50 Billion Downloads

Sorcery!: RPG from Fighting Fantasy’s author released on iOS for £2.99

Previously book-based role-playing series Sorcery!, written by Fighting Fantasy legend Steve Jackson, has had a digital make-over for iOS and is released at £2.99. Gaming house inkle has converted the book into an i-Game, incorporating the “you choose the storyline/ending” algorithm. There’s an interactive map drawn & touch-based sword fighting with dynamic graphics, new character art & music to accompany your adventures. This first installment, The Shamutani Hills, is Part 1 of 4, with the second part, Kharé: Cityport of Traps, apparently “coming soon”.

Two more apps to note:

Stark Armoury at Tesco is a great little app for kids with an iPod or rich kids with an iPhone, or adults with an iPhone who have trouble growing up. Basically you can scan various logos/products at your local Tesco’s to unlock various suits of armour – unlock them all, and you unlock suit Mark XLII (look it up when you get home!). Well, it might take the pain out of the weekend shop at least.

Kelloggs presents Man of Steel is pretty much the same idea, only you need to find specific Kelloggs products to unlock various Superman products. Unlocking the powers allows you to shoot little video clips of flight, strength and heat-vision. Unfortunately it is very clear that this is very much aimed at our American cousins, as I don’t recall seeing Keebler Town House or Cheez-It Crackers; Pop Tarts will get you “strength” though.

And finally… if you check out the App Store you’ll see there’s a counter clocking up to 50 Billion. Currently it’s sat at about 49.465 Billion, but this is to indicate the total accumulated number of downloaded apps from the iTunes App Store. 50 Billion… not bad Steve, not bad…

Source: EuroGamer,
Reporter: SilverFox

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