Apple Bytes: Why iPhone 5S Can Change The World & New iPad Photos

apple-logoWhat’s that you say – there’s not enough about iPhones on the internet!?! Apple introduced two new phones the week: the iPhone 5C, and the  iPhone 5S, both touting the new iOS 7 (on general release around the 18th Sept to upgrade your existing hardware).

So the question is: what are the real game changers here, with respect to battling Android phones, and the potential threat of Microsoft buying Nokia…

iOS 7 – developers should probably have gotten the final version of iOS 7, which included the 64-bit compatibility, rewritten CoreMotion  API, and some of the camera functionality for the iPhone 5S. The expectation now is that iTunes Connect will start accepting iOS 7 applications. Expect a hell of a lot of improved apps, with richer graphics & smoother animation, out there looking to take advantage of the new OS sitting on the first 64-bit core.

China – the iPhone 5C is game changer on its own! This phone has been built for one purpose only: China and emerging markets. It supports more LTE bands than any other current released smartphone, and is clearly Apple’s tactic to reduce Android’s dominance in Asia. The cost point (roughly $99 with a contract) should woo many Android users to move to iOS, and get the benefit of more safe apps on a more secure, less virus laden operating system. The iPhone 5C will be released in China on the same day as it is released in the US, so it is clear that Apple sees their future in China as a key part of their future success.

Security – Although it has been (unsuccessfully) done before by Motorola, Apple’s new Touch ID fingerprint scanning means that the iPhone 5S is now a serious handset for businesses that have valid security concerns for their mobile devices, together with apps like Good Technology for accessing corporate email. You can now authenticate for iTunes with fingerprint on the iPhone 5S.

Motion and Contextual Experiences – Another huge feature is the motion coprocessor that will be included in the iPhone 5S. This will allow apps to have better tracking of what you are currently doing (walking, running, driving, etc).  Additionally, it will be able to record more sophisticated data about your movements, thus competing with life-style gadgets such as the Nike Fuel  Band, Jawbone Up, and the Fitbit. Moving forward, if apps can know when you change activities, what if they could change their appearance and interface: what if the Messages app presents a different interface when driving, say Siri and voice to text only? What if apps like RunKeeper can seamlessly start, pause, and stop tracking your running without you ever having to touch the device? The possibilities here are endless.

Performance – as of September 20th, Apple will have the first 64-bit smartphone  in the world. This gives apps the ability to deal with more information in memory. In the example Apple gave, Infinity Blade 3 is able to have much larger virtual worlds, but this could mean many new things for your application. In addition to an overall performance increase, this means that there will be the possibility of even more immersive visual experiences on the iPhone 5S. And not just for games – there are expanded possibilities with augmented reality, advanced data visualization, and 3D rendering on iOS devices that leverage this new functionality.

iPad Update

Apple didn’t unveil new iPad tablets during its iPhone press conference on Tuesday, which is what I really wanted. We probably have to wait about another month Apple releases its new Retina iPad mini and its completely redesigned full-size iPad tablet but in the meantime, “iPad 5″ photos continue to leak. We have seen the new iPad’s housing and other components leak before, but now photos published by serial leaker Sonny Dickson show the updated iPad’s shell and front panel in the most stunning high-quality. Apple’s new iPad and second-generation iPad mini are expected sometime in October but in the meantime, check out these shots:

apple-ipad-5-079 apple-ipad-5-088 apple-ipad-5-089 apple-ipad-5-090 apple-ipad-5-095 apple-ipad-5-099 apple-ipad-5-100

Sources: Venture Beat, BGR

GS Reporter: SilverFox

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