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Check out this amazing new web series that looks like it could be something really special.
A new sci-fi web series teams Hollywood visual effects artists with a global scattering of up-and-coming animators, all of whom are working for free to craft CGI elements for a wigged-out futuristic saga.

The New Kind project is being spearheaded by visual effects hot shots whose resumes include Star WarsAvatar and Hugo. These moonlighting pros are sharing their expertise with 200 anime enthusiasts to produce a crowdsourced labor of love made possible because the cost of CGI animation tools has dropped several hundred thousand dollars in the past few years.

“Somebody in Malaysia or Greece who lives in their mom’s basement can now create visual effects with a $2,000 computer and a $3,000 software license that’s on par, or even superior to, what you would have seen in Jurassic Park,” New Kind creator Peter Hyoguchi said in a phone interview with Wired. “If you know how to find them, there’s a glut of visual effects artists out there.”

Judging from concept art and an eerie teaser clip that’s already become a viral sensation, Hyoguchi may be on to something big. While risk-averse Hollywood studios increasingly rely on blockbuster brands and nine-figure budgets, Hyoguchi is experimenting with a super-cheap production model that costs nearly nothing to implement. Everybody works on spec, and creative talent will be paid for their efforts if the 80-episode adventure turns a profit, according to Hyoguchi.

Hyoguchi plans to post the series for free, but make money on merchandising and by charging viewers $1 for a sneak preview of the following week’s episode. He estimates that $1 million in assets have been created since The New Kind project launched last spring, and his Kickstarter campaign, running through Friday, aims to raise $100,000 in cash to finish the first two episodes.

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Source: Wired
GS Reporter: Montoya

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