Arena of Heroes: First Truly Cross-Platform MOBA

AoH-LogoCalling all MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) fans! There is a new Free-to-Play that has just been released cross-platform and is available for the iPad, Mac and PC.




Sneaky Games has just launched Arena of Heroes. The game is using the free-to-play model and is truly cross-platform – it allows you to play in real-time with 2-4 players on the i-Pad, Mac or PC, so whatever is your preferred platform (or if you want to play on the move), you can play your friends even if they are not on the same platform as yourself.

Here’s the official release information on the game:

Zattikka, the digital games entertainment group, today announced that its game development studio Sneaky Games has launched Arena of Heroes. The first Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) title with the addition of asynchronous gameplay, Arena of Heroes brings tactical battle strategy and cross-platform competitive play to gamers whenever they want and wherever they want.  Players can choose from a variety of unique heroes to form their team of four to go to the Tower Apex Arena and battle their opponents.  Up to 13 heroes will be available at launch, with plans to release a new hero bi-monthly.  Arena of Heroes is free to play, but players will be able to upgrade their experience by customizing heroes sooner and accelerating their level up time.

This is what the CEO of Sneaky Games said as to why they created the game:

“Sneaky Games developed Arena of Heroes because we wanted to make a game we all would love to play,” said David Godwin, CEO, Sneaky Games “And we’ve come up with a game that truly evolves the genre and is the perfect union of MOBA and turn-based gaming.  Plus, it’s just a whole lot of fun to play.”

So, as it states, it’s free to play but you have the capability to buy upgrades to accelerate and customize your heroes sooner than through normal game play.

I loaded this up last night on my iPad and I have to say I liked the styling of the game, the menu page had a nice simple layout and was easy to navigate, and I was able to start a game within no time at all. It had suitably epic music too.

Arena of Heroes gives you three ways to play the game: Single Player vs AI, Classic Turns against Live Opponents and also Asynchronous Turns.

  • Single Player VS AI Mode – Allows players to practice strategies against an AI before moving forward playing a live game
  • Classic Turn Mode – Allows three minutes for players to finish their movement with continuous gameplay from start to finish
  • Asynchronous Turns Mode – Allows each team up to 2 -5 days to finish their turn, making it possible to play multiple matches at the same time with a more casual pace

I played the game in single player a bit last night against the AI.  I’ll be honest it’s not the type of game I’d usually go for and I wasn’t quite sure what I was doing at first but after watching the handy tutorial video, I got right into it and started to have fun beating up the AI (granted it was only in the training game area though). It felt pretty intuitive once I got the hang of what you’re meant to do and I can see it becoming quite addictive, especially if you were playing against friends online – this is where I can see it being a hit. Go check it out, it is free after all…

Check out their YouTube channel here, where they have a number of videos giving hints and tips.

It’s available on iTunes for iPad here and for PC and Mac here.


Source: Arena of Heroes
Reporter: JMS1701

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