Arkham Origins: Collector’s Edition Revealed

Batman Arkham Origins

I pre-ordered Arkham Origins a while ago having decided that there wouldn’t be a collector’s edition. Surely it would have been on the various shopping sites. Well, it turns out I was a bit premature. Eurogamer have revealed that the game will indeed be having a collector’s edition – priced at £79.99. The edition includes the usual artbook and soundtrack but also comes with a fine looking statue of Bats and the Joker and some DLC skins. Take note: PS3 owners get three skins, while XBOX 360 owners get only two.

I haven’t decided if I’ll updgrade my pre-order yet … Click more to see what you get for your cash.

Batman Arkham Origins Collector's Edition XBOX 360
Batman Arkham Origins Collector's Edition Playstation 3
Source: Eurogamer
Reporter: WedgeDoc

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