Arkham Origins: Nowhere to Run New Trailer

Batman Arkham OriginsAlthough I haven’t yet completed the Harley Quinn’s Revenge DLC for Arkham City, the approaching release in October of Arkham Origins is something of an impetus to do so. As the release date approaches, Warner Brothers Games have released this new trailer, titled “Nowhere to Run”. The video highlights an early meeting of Batman and future Ally James Gordon, his youthful arrogance and a very familiar looking encounter with Bane. Oh and Firefly is in there too – one more of the eight assassins tasked by Black Mask with the slaying of the bat …

Check out the trailer after the break

So what do you guys think? I’m still excited for the game, though I still haven’t decided if I want to upgrade my pre-order to the collector’s edition or not…

Reporter: WedgeDoc
Source: Comic Book Resources

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