Arrow News: Summer Glau & Justice League

arrow-tv Stephen Amell is definitely up for being Green Arrow in a JLA film, and Summer “I only do one season of anything” Glau joins CW’s Arrow… uh-oh!

Sci-fi stalwart (Firefly and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles) Summer Glau has been added to the cast of Arrow for Season 2. According to TVLine, Glau will play Isabel Rochev, “the beautiful and dangerous Vice President of Acquisitions for Stellmoor International, a company looking to take over Queen Consolidated. Previously in the show, her name was seen on Robert Queen’s ‘hit-list’.” In comic-lore, Rochev was supposed also an heir to the dead Robert Queen, and so launches a hostile takeover to wrench Queen Consolidated from Oliver.

And if the much-mooted Justice League movie ever gets of the ground, Arrow‘s Stephen Amell has said that he not only wants to appear in the film, but he would “sweep the floors when they were done!” In the DC Comics, Green Arrow is a key character of the ensemble, but he doesn’t quite have the gravitas of the Bat of the Bg Bot Scout – but Amell thinks that he could change all that. “I think that Green Arrow has an opportunity to mature in much the same way Iron Man did in the Marvel universe. He wasn’t necessarily a top-level character, but because they made an Iron Man movie and it was successful, it vaulted him up and now he anchors the Avengers,” he says. “It’s always up to what’s popular at the moment. Right now archery seems to be having a mini renaissance, so hopefully he can settle into a firm rotating member of the DC Justice League of America.”

Source: TV Line, Sci-Fi Now
Reporter: SilverFox

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