Arrow Season 2 to Add Suicide Squad’s Amanda Waller

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It’s been confirmed that DC nemesis & anti-hero Amanda Waller, is set to appear in Arrow Season 2, according to the plot description for episode six, ‘Keep Your Enemies Close’: “This episode will see the introduction of recurring character Amanda Waller who is an agent of ARGUS who sends out a team to kidnap Diggle.”

Dr. Amanda Blake Waller first appeared in the DC universe back in 1986, and whilst not possessing any superpowers herself, she has consistently proved herself to be a powerful foe of the superheroes. Waller has been played by Angela Bassett alongside Ryan Reynolds in 2011′s Green Lantern, and by Pam Grier in The CW’s previous superhero hit Smallville.

Waller style as a hardened government official prepared to break the rules to get her own way, likened her to Jack Bauer, and later saw her form the secretive Suicide Squad of supervillains who undertake high-risk black ops missions in exchange for reduced prison sentences. The best known member of the Suicide Squad, Deadshot, has already appeared in Arrow Season 1, so could we be looking at a future integration of that team into an Arrow story arc… Season 2 is surely shaping up into a must see event this autumn!

Source: Digital Spy

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