Art Preview: Dan Boultwood’s ‘It Came!’ from Titan Comics

IT CAME! #1-1If you read our good website regularly, you’ll know we are very excited about an upcoming serial from Titan Comics and Dan Boultwood named It Came! We’ve got our hands on some of the unlettered artwork:

It Came! is a roaring romp through a 50s B-movie. A huge robot turns up on our planet and starts shooting EVERYTHING. So it’s up to Dr Boy Brett and his female assistant (women working?!) Doris Day to stop it rampaging through London.

It’s a four parter and issue 1 is released on August 7th. So make sure you nag your local comic store to order in plenty of copies! If they order the most they get a free bespoke advert for their store drawn by Dan Boultwood in issue 4.

Source: Titan Comics
Reporter: Sara Westop

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  1. Who knew someone who could drink that much gin could illustrate that brilliantly! 😉

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