Atlas Comics Returns from the Dead!

In 1970 Martin Goodman sold marvel to Cadence Industries. His son Chip was supposed to stay on the staff at marvel but Stan Lee (Martin’s nephew by marriage) Fired Chip! Chip and Martin Created Atlas Comics with the goal of destroying Marvel (i guess it didn’t work out). They created Marvel-esque Atlas heroes such as The Scorpion, The Cougar, Planet of Vampires, Ironjawand The Grim Ghost. The rivalry dissipated shortly after and Atlas folded, but Goodman is remembered not only for giving Marvel and DC a run, but creating an ownership/profit sharing concept and return of original artwork. These things have become important, particularly as superheroes became huge Hollywood currency…….

Jump forward 30+ years and now his grandson, Jason, has dusted off the original titles and will relaunch with the release of The Grim Ghost and Phoenix.

Jason had this to say:

“Although my grandfather eventually sold Marvel, he insisted on keeping Atlas Comics in the family, As a result of his vision, Atlas Comics is the largest individually-held library of comic book heroes and villains on the planet. We have 28 titles and hundreds of characters imagined by some of the greatest minds in the industry.”

This is a great thing! More comics is always a good thing! i’ll probably pick up the first issues to see if there is anything i like and then go from there.

Source: Deadline

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