Attention Budding Writers

My Good Friend Kehaar from the Dissecting Worlds Podcast is putting together a Mosaic Novel and need your help with contributions.

A Mosaic Novel is a collection of short stories set in the same universe collected together in one place. Well Keharr has come up with the Universe and now he needs YOUR help fill it with interesting stories and characters.

From Kehaars post

Over the last few months I’ve been posting ideas here for a fantasy background (‘fantasy musings’) made up of feuding fractious city states who’ve thrown over their Imperial masters and exist in a state of competition and religious/economic cold war within a valley. Trapped between two rival Empires they try to prosper and jostle for superiority. Key in these struggles are bands of former mercenaries – so called Veteran Clubs who fill a highway man/motorcycle gang/smuggler niche.  Magic was subtle, technology was iron age & agriculture in the valley gave it a western feel as well as a noir post-war feel in the cities.

This was meant to be an interactive project and could form a potential background for mosaic project. Nothing written on this site under that category was meant to be definitive, but it might give a framework on which to build.

Therefore I’m throwing it open now for such a project. If interested parties can email [email protected] so I can gauge interest & see whether we need a separate website or yahoo group. It needn’t just be aspiring writers  artists, mapmakers and the like can contribute.

Furthermore if you don’t want to write a story one could contribute to the theology or write up a  city or otherwise add-on to the background. Once we know the numbers we can decide how much management/editorial control  it’ll need.  As far as wiring stories we could either take ownership of particular parts of the valley or particular characters or some combination of the two.

Anyway we’ll see if we get any interest and go from there.

and to get the creative juices flowing there are already 2 chapters for you to read and draw inspiration. The Golden Egg and Chapter 2 by PhilAmbler – Well

I know we have some writers that visit this site so if you are interested contact [email protected] and get the ball rolling!

I’ll keep you upto date with any developments in the Novels production! and when i get chance i’ll put together some reviews for the individual chapters.

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