Auction Set to Sell Rare Items from Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Xmen, Star Trek and More

So you…yes you money bags, I’m looking at you! If you’re a geek like me but with a lot of cash burning a hole in your pocket (unlike me) then this little slice of geek news may be of interest.

The team auction house Profiles in History are currently holding a three day auction to sell off some classic movie memorabilia. Now as this auction is being held online it means there won’t be some elaborate oceans 11 style heist scene to nick one of items up for sale. Conmen of the world stand down.

According to the blurb the lots come from a range of movies including Star Wars, Harry Potter, Star Trek, Spider-Man, Back to the Future II, Indiana Jones, Wizard of Oz, and more.  The auction will not only offer outfits and on-screen props, but there are also manuscripts as well.

So being the nosy so and so I am I took a look at the lots and spotted up a few gems that the loaded geek collectors out there might be interested in.

Lot 1236: Golden Headpiece of the Staff of Ra from Raiders of the Lost Ark.

All I need to find after buying this is a miniature of the map room all laid out and well you know the rest…cue John Williams music. Seriously though as a long time Indy fan I would give someone’s right arm for this.


Lot 1216: Original “The Star Wars” script from August 1975 used at first reading, signed by George Lucas. Just so we can all check he actually wrote the thing and not some intern called Sally.


Lot 1235: Harrison Ford “Indiana Jones” prop Sankara stone from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.


Lot 1209: Sylvester Stallone “Rocky” boxing boots from Rocky II


Lot 1221: Original screen used X-Wing Fighter miniature from Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope.

You too can act out the scene where you swap killing innocent wamp rats in your T-16 for blowing up T-fighters. Fun times…unless your name is Biggs or Porkins.


Lot 1428: Daniel Radcliffe “Harry Potter” Hogwarts acceptance letter from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.


Lot 1415: Hugh Jackman close up “Wolverine” stainless steel claws from X2: X-Men know the one where he actually killed folks and not just cuts inanimate objects with.

You know the one where he actually killed folks and not just cut inanimate objects with. I would still love to see the next film to be called ‘Wolverine does Master Chef’. I’m guessing it’s only me with that dream.


Lot 1412: Daniel Craig “James Bond” signature hero dinner suit tuxedo from Spectre. Of course, I could easily afford this but what I could not afford is the tailoring costs to have said suit altered so I could wear it down the shops.


As well as all those items there are a load more from films such as Aliens, Apocalypse Now,THX 1138,Excalibur,The Thing, Conan,Back to the Future II and more.

Looking at some of the items in the auction, really makes me wish I was able to land my hands on a huge dollop of cash, without incurring the wrath of some Jabba the Hutt style loan shark. We all know how well that worked out for Han.

Intergalatic loan sharking aside, the auction, called Hollywood Auction 83, starts at 11:00 AM PST on June 29, 30, and July 1 and will have nearly 1,700 lots up to bid on.

Good luck rich geeks we’re all counting on you. Although if you do buy something and eleven dudes in suits turn up at your house looking slick and suspicious you may want to call the coppers.

GS Blogger: Nuge / @geeksyndicate

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