AUDIO NEWS: New Scarifyers coming soon!

It has been a few of years since the last release, but MI:13’s Harry Crow and Professor Dunning will be back in a brand new adventure of The Scarifyers.

The next installment in the popular supernatural audio series, called The Gnomes of Death will be released on the 16th of June and Bafflegab Productions have kindly provided Geek Syndicate with a synopsis.

When MI:13’s mortuary begins filling up with the disembodied feet of gardening enthusiasts, Harry Crow (David Warner) and Professor Dunning (Terry Molloy) are plunged into a sinister world of garden allotments, topiary fowl and gaudy garden ornaments.

When the landlord of Harry’s local, the Six Bells, is also found minus his snakeskin brothel creepers (and their contents), Crow and Dunning are plunged into a more sinister world still – of Morris dancers, exceptionally strong ale and all-powerful ancient Indian deities.

What is the dark secret of the Six Bells privy? Are the Beer and Real Ale Association merely hirsute eccentrics, or something else? And what is the real purpose of Morris dancing?

Crow and Dunning discover that horticulture can be a dangerous business, as they find themselves pitted against their shortest foes yet… THE GNOMES OF DEATH.

The new adventure will welcome back David Warner and Terry Molloy as Harry and Dunning and guest stars Matthew Holness (Garth Merenghi’s Darkplace) and Phil Rose (Robin Hood) complete the cast.

The Gnomes of Death will be available for download and on CD and can be pre-ordered here.

Source: Press Release
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