Trailer for Minister of Chance Episode 4 – The Tiger

Episode 4 of the crowdfunded audio fantasy drama ‘Minister of Chance’ teases us with new trailer.

The Minister of Chance is a sonic movie: a film produced without a camera, but with filmic sound, orchestral score and script. It’s free, and you get it by subscribing to the podcast.

The series is entirely funded by its listeners. We have very small budgets, and absolutely no money for publicity – which is why you haven’t heard about it til now. You can help by telling everyone you know on Twitter, Facebook, your blog, any Sci-Fi or fantasy sites, reviewers you know, your mum….

The best way to describe Minster of Chance is well..well there no best way to describe it. I suppose I could say it has the entwined flavours of Doctor Who and Lord of the Rings but is very much its own beast and I love it.

The performances from some some of the UK’s well known genre acting talent including Jenny Agutter, Paul Darrow, Philip Glenister,Sylvester Mccoy, Paul Mcgann and more are matched only by the high production values bought to the fore by an epic and ethereal musical score.

There are currently three episodes available to listen to for free but there is now a trailer for the soon to be release episode 4. If you a fan of audio dramas then this is well worth getting hold of.

I’ve still have episode three to check out and according to the team Episode 4 is nearly finished so I reckon my plan will be to wait for episode 4 and then listen to all the episodes again back to back.

Download the episodes here and find out how you can support the creation of episode 5 here

Reporter: Nuge

Source: Minster of Chance

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