Hammer Films Turns to Audio With ‘Hammer Chillers’

hammer-ad1-page-001 Not content with scaring the crap out of us on the big and small screen Hammer Films now want to bring the fear to our mp3 player’s with their upcoming audio drams series ‘Hammer Chillers‘.

At the moment I’m going through a kind of audio renaissance.  I have never had some many things that are not plain old music to listen to and my back catalog of audio books and dramas is getting longer by the day (apologies Minister of Chance!). The latest project to get my attention comes from the scare team of Hammer Films, who are taking the plunge in partnership with Bafflegab Productions, into the audio arena with downloadable audio dramas called Hammer Chillers. The series will be formed of six weekly downloadable episodes from June. The episodes are being written by Stephen Volk (The Awakening), Stephen Gallagher (ITV’s Eleventh Hour), Doctor Who and young adult novelist Paul Magrs, stand-up comedian and writer Robin Ince and award-winning horror novelists Christopher Fowler and Mark Morris.

The episodes themselves will set you back £2.99 per episode and you can pre-order them now over that the Hammer Chillers website.

Now I’m not a big fan of horror (yes I do scare very easily…there I said it) unless it’s the more comedy stylings of the Monster Hunters audio dramas but I’m tempted to give one of these a listen to just to see how well horror does in the medium of audio.

I’ll leave the last word to the Executive Producer over at Bafflegab Productions Simon Barnard, who is confident they are going to scare the pants off us.

“Hammer Chillers will be every bit as terrifying as their celebrated cinematic counterparts. We are proud to partner with Hammer and hope that our tales take listeners on supernatural journeys that will make them afraid to turn off the lights afterwards.”

Reporter: Nuge

Source: Hammer Chillers

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