Robin of Sherwood Audio Plays – Pre-Orders Needed

Last year, Spiteful Puppet released the rather excellent (you can see our review hereRobin of Sherwood audio play. This was an adaptation of an un-produced script by the series’ creator, Richard Carpenter. The Knights of the Apocalypse starred Jason Connery as the second incarnation of The Hooded Man and brought together all the surviving cast and crew, including Clive Mantle and Ray Winstone.

The production company is hoping to produce another Robin of Sherwood boxset, featuring both Michael Praed and Jason Connery, each in two one-hour adventures. Priced at £40, this boxset will hopefully be out in the Summer of 2017. In order to produce the boxset though, the company needs to receive 2,000 pre-orders. Here’s the word from the product’s page as Barnaby explains it better than I could:

This is not a charity production in the sense that acquiring the licence, hiring studios, paying professional rates and even the amount needed for using Clannad’s theme music is staggering. A production of this nature, to do it right, will not be cheap; neither do I think anyone would want it to be – it means too much to us.


With that in mind, the box set of 4 x 60min episodes will cost £40 – which is £10 per episode as it’s a 4 box set; still incredible value we believe. The other thing to point out, and this is a major point, is that we need 2000 orders to make this work…The sad fact is that if we can’t get those numbers, the project won’t happen – at least as a fullcast dramatisation…Also the quicker we can get all the orders we need, the quicker we can start to give you the details about the production.


We understand that this is huge, but we have enormous faith…Think of it as crowdfunding, but this time the crowdfunding site doesn’t take a substantial slice and every penny goes into the production, so we can make it something you’ll cherish and want to listen to again and again.


Like we did before, we’ll keep you updated every step of the way, we just need you to support us again.


Thank you.


Barnaby, Iain and the team.

I’m not sure how many pre-orders have been placed thus far, but I’ve added my £40 to the equation. I’ve been a huge fan of the series all my life and the last Robin of Sherwood audio play produced by Spiteful Puppet was a truly nostalgic and excellent production. I encourage anyone who liked the series or who likes adventures, a bit of the mystical and good, solid audio drama to get on board this project.

Robin of Sherwood Audio

Source: Spiteful Puppet web-site

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