AUDIO REVIEW: The Monster Hunters Ep 1: The Discoteque of Nights

Two hundred years ago the forces of evil were finally vanquished into Hell. But today, in 1971, they have returned. Sir Maxwell House has called Roy Steel and Professor Lorrimer Chesterfield to his house to discuss some strange occurences revolving around London’s hottest new nightspot, The Discoteque of Nights. This is a job for … The Monster Hunters!

To call ‘The Monster Hunters’ an audio drama would be doing it a disservice so I think audio parody would be nearer the mark.

After a pre-credit sequence in which we witness the final destruction of Vampire Count Oloff in 1771 we fast forward to 1970’s London and we meet the slightly unhinged Sir Maxwell House and his team of monster hunters. The team consists of Roy Steel, professional alcoholic, womaniser and ex big game hunter and Professor Lorrimer Chesterfield, Professor of Occult Studies and owner of the 2nd largest brain in Britain . In this case they must invesigate the weird happenings at the famous night club ‘The Discoteque of Nights’ and the rise of an ancient enemy.

If you’re a fan of the old Dracula films starring Christopher Lee, were child of the 70’s and watched shows like the Avengers and the Persuaders or films like Carry on Screaming then this is right up your street. Monster Hunters has it’s tongue so firmly in it’s cheek that it threatens to rip said cheek apart and I loved every crazy minute of this audio parody. It’s a highly enjoyable and fun first episode with one liners galore, action and some solid sound effects and acting. I listened to the opening credits three times before moving onto the episode itself as I was already laughing my ass off at the introduction by Sir Maxwell House of the team. It’s clear that the cast are having a blast recording this and I wonder how long it took to record to an episode in between the cracking up that must have gone on when delivering some of the dialogue.

If you after something a little different to listen to on your mp3 then I would reccomend you listen to the Monster Hunters, otherwise face the wrath of Roy Steel, a man of action with all the actions of a man!

Download Episode 1 or listen online at the Monster Hunters website. I would also check out the background info on the monster hunters themselves…cracking stuff!

GS Rating:5/5
GS Reporter: Nuge

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