Autumn of Indie: Anarchy Books is Coming to Geek Syndicate with a Free Ebook Every Day

Yes Anarchy Books has joined forces with us for September and they are bringing a shed load of free ebooks with them and one very special competiton …find out all the information this union to shake the heavens below.

Our crazy mates over at Anarchy books  are celebrating the release of their new books TRAJECTORY by John. S. Barker on 1st September, and MONSTERS ANONYMOUS on 30th September will be giving away a free Ebook everyday  this month.  Keep an eye on our little website for info on where to find the free books. Also in conduction with Anarchy Books we will be running a competition to give away Anarchy Books’ entire digital Catalogue as well as some special composed soundtracks. Look out for the competition starting later today.

Like I said it’s September and we’ve all gone flipping crazy! So check back with Geek Syndicate every day in September to learn where you can get you free ebook from and for your chance to win big with Anarchy Books!




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In celebration of our two September releases, TRAJECTORY by John. S. Barker on 1st September, and MONSTERS ANONYMOUS by Theresa Derwin on 30th September, Anarchy Books is offering a FREE EBOOK every single day of September.

We’re also running a competition with our very good friends, GEEK SYNDICATE, to win Anarchy Books’ entire digital catalogue of ebooks and their associated specially composed soundtracks, and our Geek Ninja Buddies will also give you exclusive info on where to find some of the hidden links and free books available from Anarchy this September.

For more information during every Sizzling September Promo Day, visit Anarchy Books and Geek Syndicate… and remember to follow the White Rabbit…

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