Autumn of Indie: Balance of Powers

One of the great things about getting off the beaten track and into the Indie scene is how diverse and unexpected it can be, and what interesting ways that creators are using the internet and it’s associated tools to bring their projects to life and then bring them to an audience that will support them. Balance of Powers seems to have everything.

Set in an alternative Cold War, Balance of Powers is novel co-written by Adrian Hon, Andrea Philips, David Varela, and Naomi Alderman, who already saw success with ARG (Alternate Reality Game) Perspex City. As they write, each chapter is released on a weekly basis online for free at You can subscribe to get the chapters early (and pay something back for the entertainment!) but also get access to supplementary material on the world being created.

It was also funded in part from a Kickstarter campaign, with patrons listed on their website as a public thanks and the higher donors being part of an online roleplaying session set around the start of the novel. Its a great example not only of a great product, but of the sort of new ways creators can express themselves and engage with their communities.  It’s also a good read, so go check it out.

GS Reporter: Matt

Source: Balance of Powers

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