AUTUMN OF INDIE: Brain-Powered ‘Neurowar’ Cat Tail Wags with Your Thoughts!

You’ve seen them on the convention floor and you already have those super-fun emotional responsive ears! Now you can have the tail to match!

Being a cute little animal is not just for Fuzzy lovers anymore! Now you can take a page from the book of fetish lifestyle and integrate your need of anthropomorphic-being into your everyday life! Become the cat you have always dreamed you could be!

Neurowear is the name of the manufacturer of this highly anticipated (?) cat tail also known as, Shippo. Shippo is in a sort of ‘beta’ testing phase for the company and will be marketed and sold if the demand for product is high. BUT this is the same company that already sells the line of popular “brainwave cat ears”, Necomimi, so the chances of the tail hitting the consumer market soon is very high.

These items and accessories are not just for convention goers and cosplayers anymore. According to the company’s website they’ve been integrated into mainstream culture and have become a sort of staple at sporting events and bachelorette parties.

The Shippo tail transcends novelty and according to Neurowear’s video can be integrated into various social media via geotagging. Does window shopping make you excited? Not only will your tail wag faster, but the tail will send this information to all devices telling people when and wear you get excited or adversely places that you don’t like. Using an app you can also see places that make other Shippo users happy!

Reporter: GI Jolie

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