AUTUMN OF INDIE: Comicsy-The Small Press Marketplace

So you are in the small press scene and you want a place to showcase your talent. You want to be able to show it in front of everyone and be able to compare and contrast it with other small press people. Before now this was only a dream. Enter Comicsy.

Comicsy is a brand new online marketplace designed to help UK small press creators sell their products.

Whatever you’re looking to sell, comics, artwork, books, posters, sketches, graphic novels, or anything well…Comicsy, you can be up and running in no time. Simply open your own ‘Comicsy Shop’, add your products, and start receiving orders. The advantage of being a member of the Comicsy network is that your goods will sit alongside other UK small press creator’s work. Buyers will be able to browse all items on the site, resulting in more sales for everyone.

With Comicsy you can sell your products in 3 different ways:

Comicsy is suitable for those looking to get their goods online, in an easy to manage web store, or for those who have already set up their own sales site but want the benefits of being part of a small press shopping network. Think of it as a permanently open, online comic expo.

This sounds like a fantastic opportunity for anyone that is creative and is looking for a new way to reach a bigger market. With the rise in digital and the change in the outlook as to how you get your creative work out there I think that this will revolutionize creator’s lives, especially with the way in which you can connect with your fans!

Source: Comicsy

Reporter: Luke Halsall

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