Autumn of Indie: New Web Series The Gate Follows St. Peter into Heavenly Hell

From the creators of Pretty in Geek and Out With Dad comes a quirky little web comedy about the trials and tribulations of St. Peter as he mans the pearly gates.

Follow St. Peter, or ‘Pete’ for short, as he navigates through the after-life. Waiting to conduct lost souls to their new beyond he must contend with the constant pestering of his co-horts. The Gate¬†gives Heaven’s waiting room The Office-like treatment, following Pete as he interacts with the shows other leads: Jesus, Death, and Lucifer. In each sketch we get to see them in their human forms as Pete’s office dwelling pals. Though they may prove to be the end of dear Pete, if he weren’t already dead.

Each episode is only one to two-minutes long. So if you have some time to kill while your coffee is brewing jump on your computer/tablet/mobile/console/cyborg implant and check out the series. So far only 5 episodes have been posted to the official website, so you can get caught up in no time. So, in case you missed ALL that info just now –here it is again.

You can watch episodes of this heavenly comedy series on the show’s website, as well as their Youtube page.

Reporter: GI Jolie

Source: The Gates

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