Autumn of Indie: Reform School Ninja Girls

Set in the Creative Commons licensed online realm known as Dino-Pirates of Ninja Island, Reform School Ninja Girls is sure to be quite a treat.

They’re wrapping a fundraiser to make their first issue, and have succeeded in meeting their initial $10,000 goal.

The story follows (what else?) some ninja school girls. With a premise such as that, and what seems to be some pretty good writing from the free 8-page prologue, this could be a very enjoyable series. Corey Reid’s writing is fun and the art by Dave Knox seems to fit the story well. This series could just be a lot of fun, and if the initial response to the fundraiser is any indication, a lot of people are all for it.

Be sure to check out the site for details and to read an 8-page prologue. Also, check out the Dino-Pirates of Ninja Island site to learn more about this unique setting!

Source: Corey Reid, Reform School Ninja Girls
Reporter: Leo Johnson


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