Autumn of Indie: Septagon Studios Releases Steampunk, Sci-fi ‘Archeologists Of Shadows’ Graphic Novel

There is nothing I love more than a good bit of sci-fi and it seems that the good people at Septagon Studios have just released two graphic novels that are right up my street.


Their latest releases, Archeologists of Shadows and Archeologists of Shadows, Volume 2: Once A Nightmare  sound just like the good sci-fi that every geek longs to read. It follows the story of what would happen if everything in the world became machine.

No-one knows what the real reason for this change is. I get the impression that we will find out in book 1 that sounds like a rollercoaster ride of excitement. Volume 2 continues right where Volume 1 finished with our characters trying to find the Gods. But things are darker than they seem.

This is what they say about themselves:

Septagon Studios is a company focused on imaginative, innovative properties and concepts. We stand for creator freedom and artistic integrity. We embrace diversity, with a major focus on art and inspirational storytelling that will be exciting for the reader. Some of our projects include Scorn, Masks, and the web project Work In Comics, because what’s important to us is helping comics creators and facilitating their creative freedom.

And when you hear what other reviewers are saying about Volume 2, I think you will agree with me that these are worth taking a look at:

“A visually stunning comic that will wow you with vivid imagery and a compelling story, going beyond the great foundation built up in the first issue.” — Brandon Pilley,

“At all times intriguing, magical, and engaging, Lara and Patricio’s series is everything modern comics should be.” — Cassie Rose,

“This is an epic of all proportions that allows you to invest fully with the characters, the world and the stakes of the adventure.” — Michael Nimmo,

Check out aoscomic to read the first chapter of Volume 2 and find out more about this saga.

Source: Septagon Studios
Reporter: Luke Halsall

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