Autumn of Indie Starts Today on Geek Syndicate

The Autumn of Indie on the Geek Syndicate website start today! For this entire season of falling leaves, shorter days and colder weather we will be celebrating the wonderful world of all things Indie in all the mediums we can get our grubby mitts on.

What is Autumn of Indie?

Geek Syndicate are big fans and supporters of all things indie from the worlds of gaming, films, books,audio and especially comics. However one of the problems is that there is so much great indie content out there that a lot of it is being missed. Here at Geek Syndicate we wanted to try to play a small part in getting  the word out about what’s happening in the indie and thus ‘The Summer of Indie’ was born.

In 2012 indie scene has exploded even further with self published novels now topping the Amazon charts, indie projects being crowd funded on sites such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We have always been big supporters of the indie scene  so we thought we would bring you another special focus on the indie scene but this time over the Autumn months. Of course being the highly creative folk we are here at Geek Syndicate we wracked our brains to come up with  a name and finally after months  of soul-searching we came up with ‘Autumn of Indie’ (ok maybe there was slightly less soul-searching than implied).

When will Autumn of Indie End?

The plan is to run Autumn of Indie right though to one of our favourite indie conventions the Thought Bubble  two day comic convention ( 17th -18th Novemeber)which is held in Leeds between as part of the Leeds Comic Art Festival (11th- 18th November). On the run up to Thought Bubble there are a few other big conventions with an indie presence which we will be looking at  which include the Northampton International Comic Expo  (22nd -23rd Sept), MCM Expo’s Comic Village and the Cardiff International Comic Expo Showcase (4th November) and many more.

How can I get involved in Autumn of Indie?

The plan is starting from now to bring you news,reviews, features, guides, interviews, podcast specials, competitions and more from the indie world. We won’t just be confined to the Geek Syndicate website there will also be content on our Facebook and Twitter (look out for the #autumnofindie hash tag) pages.

So if you are an indie creator in the fields of gaming,film,books, audio (i.e audio dramas),comics etc and want to get the word out about your project we would love to hear from you. We can’t promise to review or feature every project on the site but we will do our best.

All those interested please drop us a line at [email protected] 

So all that’s left to say is welcome to the Autumn of Indie.

Barry Nugent

Geek Syndicate

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