Avast Mateys! Pirates 5 To Set Sail with a Fresh Voice

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The Pirates of the Caribbean films have been hit and miss.  With a near return to form with the last entry and now with confirmation of the 5th film we hope it gets a new breath of fresh air with a new writer.

Jack Sparrow is one of those iconic characters that was created half by design and half by chance on Depp’s part and has since gone down in the history books. We love Sparrow and want to see more of him and now we get another chance.

Terry Rossio has been involved with the scripts of all 4 previous Pirate films but Disney have moved to a new writer for the next entry in the shape and voice of Jeff Nathanson. His previous credits have included Rush Hour 2/3, Catch me if you can, Tower Heist and erm Speed 2. A pretty mixed bag there but also some good gems. I think this bodes well for the franchise as it tries to get back to its former glory.

Just to remind of what the last film was about here is Captain jack himself to remind you.

Source: AICN
Reporter: Montoya

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