Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow on DVD now!

As of 02 Sep 2008, Marvel have released a new DVD film. Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow is based around the adventures of the teenage children of The Avengers. The backstory is that the Avengers sacrificed themselves in a last battle with Ultron. Tony Stark kept the children safe and trained them to become a new group of heroes for the future.

A trailer is available on Marvel’s site, but here’s the youtube link

I loved the Ultimate Avengers and Iron Man movies and enjoyed Doctor Strange. But I may give this one a miss for now.

Source: marvel.com

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  1. bluemeanie /

    Saw this dvd…
    5 minutes in I was thinking “Crap, this is a full on kids flick, Im gonna hate it”
    10 minutes in I was totally into it. Enjoyed it way more than I was expecting. Really good story and lots of little nods to the fans who know the whole Avengers backstory, even if some of the history is tweaked to suit this tale.

  2. Wow, this looks so much better than those other awful MARVEL ANIMATED MOVIES. Instead of watering down the comics, it looks like they’ve made something fresh and new aimed at both kids and adults alike.

    Looking forward to this.

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