Awesome Comics Podcast Launches its First Comic Anthology

The team over at The Awesome Comics Podcast, which I’ve been a listener to for a while now have now launched The Awesome Comics, a comic anthology. Issue one is out now with three tales centered on murderous ghosts, vigilante cops and street fighting femme fatales.

Murder Road by Vince Hunt and Daniel Marc Chant is like finding that unmade script that John Carpenter was storing under his bed in 1982. Cars race to find that the only finish line is Death!

Cockney Kung Fu by Tony Esmond and Nick Prolix is set in the seedy Soho streets of 1970s London. Female bare knuckle fighter Red will kick you in the face then drink you under the table. Things get dirty when The Cooper Brothers come a calling.

Vyper by Dan Butcher is a tale of a good cop with a bad attitude. He’ll quip as he blows your face off and steals your car and your girl! He’s always on top because he never, ever fucks up!


You can pick up a copy of the comic over at you can also check out the podcast at

Source: Awesome Comics
GS Blogger: Nuge / @geeksyndicate

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