Axel Alonso Is Editor-in-Chief at Marvel Entertainment

Just announced today from the House of Ideas:

Marvel Worldwide, Inc announced today that it has promoted Axel Alonso to Editor-in-Chief, Marvel Entertainment.  In this new role, Mr. Alonso will report to Dan Buckley Publisher & President, Print, Animation & Digital Divisions, Marvel Worldwide Inc. Mr. Alonso will oversee all day to day aspects of Marvel’s Publishing division, including advising on the editorial creative direction, developing new storylines and brainstorming new initiatives. Additionally, Mr. Alonso will work on creative aspects of development of larger corporate initiatives involving Marvel’s popular library of characters. The announcement was made today by Joe Quesada, Chief Creative Officer of Marvel Entertainment.

Joe Quesada stated,

It’s with tremendous pride that I announce Axel Alonso’s promotion to Editor-In-Chief. For over a decade, Axel’s been instrumental in bringing fresh new voices to Marvel and reinventing our biggest characters like Spider-Man, the X-MenWolverine and so many more. He’s fought to create unique imprints like Marvel MAX while also bringing fresh new voices to the Marvel family.

Head over to Marvel for the full story!

To be honest this is a surprise to me. I would have thought that Tom Brevoort would have been the ideal choice to be the new EiC, but what do I know? Alex Alonso is a great editor, who’s pretty much edited every X-Men book in the last decade!

Congrats to Alex from us here at the Geek Syndicate

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