Baby Boomers Goes Digital on Comixology!

I was a big fan of the Baby Boomer web comic and would heartilly reccomend you digital comic consumers pick this comic up on your device of choice as soon as possible, cause these Babies will rip you a new one if you don’t!

Baby Boomers #1

Art By: Chad Cicconi
Meet Callie and Gus, two seemingly ordinary babies. Cute and adorable, sweet and innocent. That is until their mother’s backs are turned at which point all hell… I mean HECK breaks loose. Join them as they battle each other around the world in a number of separate tales including a Ben Hur style stroller race of destruction and a trip to the vets complete with John Woo hamster action.
Price: $0.99
Pages: 24
Rating: 12+
Release Date: March 9, 2011

Think Calvin and Hobbes meets Spy vs Spy and you’d not be too far off Baby Boomers. The heartwarming tale of two adorable infants and their ongoing desire to cause each other as much physical pain as possible.

Join writer Richard McAuliffe and artist Chad Cicconi as they do their part to convince the next generation of comic readers that perhaps having children of their own one day might not be the best option to take.

Or, for those of you who have already spawned, it’ll hopefully make you realise things could actually be worse.

Buy a copy now, or wait for the free government issue which will be handed out in schools as part of “National Birth Control Month”

Some feedback received from preview copies sent out… and no, we didnt pay them to say this stuff, though one person’s cat was held hostage for a short time

“You guys are twisted. I love it!!!”

“This needs to be packaged and sold everywhere. Fantastic art which backs up a great idea and some very cool fight sequences. Just goes to show what you can do with a funny script and some fantastic visuals.”

“Cool, these are awesome. They get better with each page as well. I demand MORE!”

“Dear Sirs.

Network Rail will shortly be invoicing you for the cost of one monitor, one laptop and one keyboard which were unfortunatly rendered inoperable due in no small part to your combined efforts on the comic entitled Baby Boomers and specifically chapter 4, page 3, panel 5 and a mouthful of tea.

Cash or cheque will do it.”

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