Bates Motel Opening (on TV) in 2013

From the file marked “Hollywood has officially run out of ideas… Again” comes news that A&E Network (Dog The Bounty Hunter, Storage Wars) will be creating a 10 episode TV show based around the Norman Bate’s very own house of horror, The Bates Motel.

Creatively titled Bates Motel (let face it A&E never put that much effort into titles… His name is Dog and his job is… Hmmm) the show will be produced by Universal Television with a 2013 air date.

The pedigree behind the scenes is pretty good: Carlton Cuse and Kerry Ehrin will serve as executive producers (Cuse worked on Lost, Ehrin on Friday Night Lights) and the story will focus on the events pre-Psycho with a modern touch.  Yes well find out just how dearest Mother warped poor old Norman Bate’s mind.

Anyone wanting to know if this could be a good idea look no further than two other franchise extending TV shows from the past – Friday 13th & Nightmare On Elm Street.  Remember those?  Nope and your not alone… not many people so. 

Bates Motel.  Opening 2013.
GS Reporter: Phil Hobden 

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